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“She had been living like a hermit herself, in a cramped, seedy apartment in Somerville, spending long hours in the lab. All-nighters had become a regular thing. She didn't have any close friends, didn't go out on dates, didn't even go to the movies by herself. She had sacrificed a normal life in order to get a PhD, and become a scientist.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“What is it about nature that is so terrifying to the modern mind? Why is it so intolerable? Because nature is fundamentally indifferent. It’s unforgiving, uninterested. If you live or die, succeed or fail, feel pleasure or pain, it doesn’t care. That’s intolerable to us. How can we live in a world so indifferent to us. So we redefine nature. We call it Mother Nature when it’s not a parent in any real sense of the term.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“Whoever has the power in society determines what can be studied, determines what can be observed, determines what can be thought.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“If nothing else, school teaches that there is an answer to every question; only in the real world do young people discover that many aspects of life are uncertain, mysterious, and even unknowable. If you have a chance to play in nature, if you are sprayed by a beetle, if the color of a butterfly's wing comes off on your fingers, if you watch a caterpillar spin its cocoon-- you come away with a sense of mystery and uncertainty. The more you watch, the more mysterious the natural world becomes, and the more you realize how little you know. Along with its beauty, you may also come to experience its fecundity, its wastefulness, aggressiveness, ruthlessness, parasitism, and its violence. These qualities are not well-conveyed in textbooks.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“These Americans played with fire. Hydrogen bombs, megapower lasers, killer drones, shrunken micro-people…Americans were demon-raisers. Americans awakened technological demons they couldn’t control, yet they seemed to enjoy the power.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“there was no objective truth, only the truth that’s established by power.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“drinking a Coke and laughing, waving the camera away. “That’s the couple,” Watanabe said. “Grace and Bobby”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“The spider venom was Ebola in thirty seconds.”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

“field is two million times greater than the strength”
― Michael Crichton, quote from Micro

About the author

Michael Crichton
Born place: in Chicago, Illinois, The United States
Born date October 23, 1942
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