8+ quotes from The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes

Quotes from The Minds of Billy Milligan

Daniel Keyes ·  374 pages

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“By shutting out the real world we can live peacefully in ours. We know that a world without pain is a world without feeling… But a world without feeling is a world without pain.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“To control one's own destiny takes a mastermind. To execute the plans takes a fool.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Что важнее, расширять кругозор или демонстрировать чувства? Может, даже сам вопрос неверный, потому что у тебя чувств нет. Вероятно, если подавить их и жить исключительно логикой, можно стать выдающимся полезным человеком, но ты останешься одинок и будешь никому не нужен.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Is life worth living in the jaws of society's trash can for misfit minds? What can I possibly achieve or contribute to mankind in this steel and concrete box with a damn loud laughing wall that moves? Just give up?”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Rasa benci tidak mungkin sepenuhnya dibersihkan. Itulah hal yang harus kita terima, agar tetap punya sifat kuat dan agresif.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Бог придуман теми, кто боится неизвестного, - сказал Артур.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Glaring coldly at us, the small crowd got out of their hard back chairs and zombied down the hall until the closing clanks of the big iron doors began. The expressionless men that wore drooling towels like bibs walked even slower but the burly attendants hurried them with a stinging crack of the wide leather belts, allowing them no dignity whatsoever. Thorazine, Prolixion, Haldol and any other psychotropic drug on the market maintained and assured obedience of the strictest kind, so it was fed like candy. No humanity, but I almost forgot. We are not human. Clank!”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

“Me, a nothingness zombie in a nothingness box in a nothingness hell.”
― Daniel Keyes, quote from The Minds of Billy Milligan

About the author

Daniel Keyes
Born place: in Brooklyn, New York, The United States
Born date August 9, 1927
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