15+ quotes from Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

Quotes from Summers at Castle Auburn

Sharon Shinn ·  342 pages

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“Do you love me?" he asked.
I fell silent.
"For the rest of it is glitter and noise," he said. "At the heart of it all is love. You make that choice, and you go forward from there.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“Sometimes we become what we see. Sometimes we take what we see and make it the model for what we refuse to become.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“So do I wish I was to be king? That is not a question I ask myself. I ask myself, Would I be a good king? Would I be quick witted and generous of spirit and full of that boundless energy? Or would I be clumsy and stupid and dulled by my own prejudices? I try to be a good man, since I am alive at all, and hope that that teaches me what I would need to know if I was ever faced with a higher challenge.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“But I am king. And the well-being of my kingdom depends on my sound judgment and clear head. And those things depend on my state of happiness. And I have known for a long time that my state of happiness depends on you.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“He looked down at his empty glass. "One of the other ways in which I am different from my father," he said. "I am not interested in marrying where I do not love."

I spoke in a jesting voice. "And of all the women in the eight provinces, you have not been able to find one you could love?"

Now he looked at me again, and his face was completely serious. "That's the problem," he said. "There is one.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“she had something I could not have, and so I resented her—but I realized the fault was mine and not hers.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“The promises of the future cannot undo the harm of the past.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“Would you not marry even for love?'
'Love does not seem to bring anyone much happiness as far as I have observed. So I think the lesson learned is never to love.'
'The lesson is to love wisely,' he replied.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“You're just afraid," I flung at him. "Of what would happen to you and your life at court if you were to carry Elisandra away. Of what your father would say. Of what Bryan would do to you."

Now he, too, looked angry. "I am afraid of many things, but those are not the fears that keep me from action," he said.

I turned my back on him. "Then I don't understand you," I said.

I heard the door open. "No," he said, "and you never have.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“No such thing as too tall,” she said. She had automatically reached for a brush and now she began uncoiling the tangles of my hair. “It’s good for a woman to be able to look into a man’s eyes. Then she’s not afraid to tell him what she thinks.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“My shoes made an odd, clacking sound on the cobblestones of the courtyard, no matter how quietly I placed my feet. It was like being followed by the audible manifestation of my own shadow.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“I had been right the first time. His sonorous voice echoed through a hollow place of sorrow, catching its reverberations from those ragged walls. His gaiety masked a deep well of loneliness; he was a bright outward shape wrapped around shadows.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“Elisandra read while I tried my hand at embroidering a pillowcase that she lent me. The results were execrable. I had no skill with a needle, and no desire to learn, either.
'I wouldn't shame a dog by laying this upon his bed,' I remarked, showing Elisandra my efforts. She actually smiled.
'I like it,' she said. 'I'll put it on one of my pillows.'
'Bryan won't let you sleep in the same bed with him if you bring this as your dowry,' I said with an attempt at humor.
She bent her head back over her book. 'Then stitch me another.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“And how is your head? Better?" he asked.
"Very much. Sometimes it hurts." Right now it was throbbing. "But every day I am much improved."
"Where did you hit it? Are you bruised?"
I put a hand to the back of my head, a little to the left, where I had landed with such jarring force. "Here," I said. "It's still a little tender."
And leaning forward, he touched my hair right where I had just laid my hand. Such was he glamour that attended him that I expected the ache to instantly melt away, healed by his royal caress. But in fact, I felt a sudden leap in my heart that made the pain briefly more intense.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

“Now his grin lit his face with a sunny halo.”
― Sharon Shinn, quote from Summers at Castle Auburn

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