7+ quotes from Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis

Quotes from Spilled Milk

K.L. Randis ·  276 pages

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“We were fifteen months apart in age which meant everything was a competition; who could read all the Disney books the fastest, ride their bike further or know all answers to the universe both large and small.”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“note cards in my pocket. My mom sat against the”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“proctors would nod their heads and mark the sheets as it fed out the results. Everyone wanted to know the truth, yet they asked the wrong questions”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“I would get an Irish victim advocate. Her hair bounced around her face, blazing in a fireball of red glory while highlighting the doubt in her eyes as she tried to soothe me. I took it with a grain of salt, smiled, and accepted the one of many hugs that generally came my way after a debriefing. She”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“The security guards knew me well and were always happy to see me. The woman guard would greet me with a smile. “Ah, back again today?” I”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“We parked behind the building and came through the less utilized handicapped entrance. Mom had rods and screws molded to her spine from a work injury years prior. She was a walking tin man, awkward gait included, guaranteed to set off the annoying alarm on the metal detectors. They waved a wand over her instead. She would nod and apologize for the inconvenience to the guards, but the smirk on her face absorbed all the pitied glances thrown her way. Stroudsburg”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

“Even though he was my lawyer, I only exchanged a few words with him throughout our time together. Heather was the one to keep me updated on the important things and she would relay any information back to him that I needed him to know. Whenever I would enter his office his eyes would say, “I’m sorry you’re here again”. I”
― K.L. Randis, quote from Spilled Milk

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