Quotes from Sign of the Unicorn

Roger Zelazny ·  192 pages

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“To paraphrase Oedipus, Hamlet, Lear, and all those guys, "I wish I had known this some time ago.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

“While sex heads a great number of lists, we all have other things we like to do in between.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

“Yes,” he said. “But I wonder . . . I’ve a peculiar feeling that I may never see you again. It is as if I were one of those minor characters in a melodrama who gets shuffled offstage without ever learning how things turn out.”

“I can appreciate the feeling,” I said. “My own role sometimes makes me want to strangle the author. But look at it this way: inside stories seldom live up to one’s expectations. Usually they are grubby little things, reducing down to the basest of motives when all is known. Conjectures and illusions are often the better possessions.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

“Before you are fully aware of anything else, you are aware whether you are awakening in your own bed.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

“things sort of equal to equal things sort of being equal to each other, it didn’t much seem to matter.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

“От важных дел либо очень скоро в тоску впдаешь, либо наталкиваешься на уйму трудностей - всё зависит от того, какую долю ответственности на себя взвалишь.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Sign of the Unicorn

About the author

Roger Zelazny
Born place: in Euclid, Ohio, The United States
Born date May 13, 1937
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