Quotes from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

Peach-Pit ·  208 pages

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“Oh...I remember you...You're that weird cat-eared cosplay-kid!
You called me a cospl...
How'd you get all the way up to the third-floor window...
Because I'm a cat.”
― Peach-Pit, quote from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

“You know, drinking milk doesn't make your boobs get any bigger.”
― Peach-Pit, quote from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

“Stupid weirdo! Liar! You filthy cat-boy-!!”
― Peach-Pit, quote from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

“Don't touch me without my permission. Mr. Little Boy”
― Peach-Pit, quote from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

“Gya!! Stay away from me, weirdo! I'll press the burglar alarm!”
― Peach-Pit, quote from Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1: Who Do You Want to Be?

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