Quotes from Savages

Don Winslow ·  302 pages

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“If you let people believe that you are weak, sooner or later you’re going to have to kill them.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“Also: do not fuck with someone until you know exactly who the fuck you're fucking with.
And then don't do it.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“I don't recognize myself. I don't know who I am anymore."
And it's all fun and games until someone loses an I.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“And it's all fun and games until someone loses an I.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“Your strengths are your weaknesses.

The more you try to protect something, the more vulnerable you make it.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“She's also ruthless - it's love me or off with your head. She's the Red Queen”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“Just a short while ago the Republicans were objects of fear and hatred—now they’re just pathetic assholes. Barry took them to the paint and cut their throats. (O-BAM-a!) Now they walk around like white frat boys in Bed-Stuy, talking tough to show they aren’t scared as the urine streams down their chinos into their cordovans. Obama has these dweebs so turned around all they can do is get behind some fat junkie DJ, a gibberish-spewing PsychoBimbette from the Far North, and a tele-dork who gives adrenaline-crazed, 1950s-style “chalk talks” (speaking of little white dicks) like some health-class instructor in a sex-offender unit.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“We proclaimed the freedom of the individual, bought and drove millions of cars to prove it, built more roads for the cars to drive on so we could go the everywhere that was nowhere. We watered our lawns, we washed our cars, we gulped plastic bottles of water to stay hydrated in our dehydrated land, we put up water parks.
We built temples to our fantasies--film studios, amusement parks, crystal cathedrals, megachurches--and flocked to them.
We went to the beach, rode the waves, and poured our waste into the water we said we loved.
We reinvented ourselves every day, remade our culture, locked ourselves in gated communities, we ate healthy food, we gave up smoking, we lifted our faces while avoiding the sun, we had our skin peeled, our lines removed, our fat sucked away like our unwanted babies, we defied aging and death.
We made gods of wealth and health.
A religion of narcissism.
In the end, we worshipped only ourselves.
In the end, it wasn't enough.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“This violent state of mind.
This violent state of mine.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“The bozo who’s going to go early John Woo all over the manicured lawns and flower beds just to show he doesn’t give a fuck about convention.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“A lot of existential questions will be answered just after the “Fuck.” As in life itself.”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages

“Dope is supposed to be bad, but in a bad world it’s good”
― Don Winslow, quote from Savages


About the author

Don Winslow
Born place: in New York, The United States
Born date October 31, 1953
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