Quotes from Code Name: Ghost

Natasza Waters ·  336 pages

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“His warrior's eyes met hers. "You're the reason. My compass home points toward you.”
― Natasza Waters, quote from Code Name: Ghost

“If a heart could actually swell with warmth, he knew his just had. He was the anchor and she was the beautiful vessel swinging around him drifting on a tropical sea, but he was in danger of dragging, and he knew it.”
― Natasza Waters, quote from Code Name: Ghost

“His helmet touched hers, and even through all the clothes and gear, she felt him squeeze her. "It's just like making love, Snow White, let go and feel," he said in a low voice, sending sparks ripping through her, squashing the fear and replacing it with desire.”
― Natasza Waters, quote from Code Name: Ghost

“There’s only so much luck and mercy God can offer, and I’ve used up my fair share, Pat. I can see her standing by my coffin, and I won’t do that to her.”
― Natasza Waters, quote from Code Name: Ghost


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Natasza Waters
Born place: in Canada
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“Now I often think of the first time I received artillery fire, and the subsequent obliteration of the enemy observation post. I'll never know how many men manned the OP, but in memory I fix the number at two, and though at the time I was angry that the pompus captain took the handset from me and stole m y kills, I have lately been thankful he insisted on calling the fire mission, ans sometimes when I am feeling hopeful or even religious, I think that buy taking my two kills the pompous captain handed me life, some extra moments of living for myself or that I can offer others, though I have no idea to use or disuse these extra moments, or if I've wasted them already.”
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“I've got my Replogle globe, because you've got to keep a world view, you can't just live like you're the only person on the planet who matters”
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“Postwar America would bear no more similarity to prewar America than the Restoration Monarchy bore to Revolutionary France; what would emerge would be a vast, impersonal juggernaut of industrial cartels, a mountainous administrative bureaucracy and a prestigious military junta—and beneath these, far beneath, an emotional and highly subservient citizenry whose attitudes and actions would be created, aroused, manipulated, subverted by the roar of the mass media … it was so clear! Why couldn’t the dunderheads see it? Whoever could see it—whoever rode this wave deftly, keeping just ahead of its boiling crest—would hold the future securely in his fine right hand”
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