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Johanna Lindsey ·  409 pages

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“Attitudes change once the die is cast,”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Scream now, Duchess, while you’ve got the chance. You won’t get another.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Lady, no man in his right mind would want to kill you. There’s many things I could think of that a man would want to do to you, but killing isn’t one of them.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Done, Mr. Thunder,” Jocelyn said with a good deal of pleasure. “You now work for me.” She had to turn away quickly before she laughed aloud at the expression of utter disbelief that appeared on his handsome face.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“It was the most incredible ride of her life.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Do you know what would happen to you if I had found you then? This—and a helluva lot more.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Will you marry me?"

Jocelyn's forehead dropped against the window. It was a wonder her legs didn't give out. She felt such unbelievable relief on hearing those words, and such ecstasy washing over her — and he'd made her suffer for three weeks while he made up his mind.

"I don't know," she said in a perfectly normal tone, though she didn't know how she managed it. "The countess says one shouldn't marry her lover. Ruins the romance, you know."

"Am I still your lover?"

"If you are, you've been a very inattentive one."

He kissed the pout from her lips, slowly, persuasively. "What if you marry me for the hell of it, but we pretend we're just lovers?"

"That sounds rather nice, especially since lovers tend to love each other."

"And married folks don't?"

"Not always."

"I won't have any problem with that."

"You won't?"

"Don't look so surprised, Duchess. Did you think I was after your money?"

She was chagrined by his grin, and snorted, "You'll probably ask me to give it all away."

"I might."

"And live in a cabin in the hills."

"I might."

"And have your babies and wash your clothes."

"I'd like to keep my clothes intact, and I warn you now, you're not getting anywhere near my stove. I guess you'll have to have a few servants around after all."

"And the babies?"

"You want some?"

"Most definitely."

"I guess that means you love me, huh?"

"Or I just like your body. Did I tell you what a splendid— Yes!" she squealed when he squeezed her tight. "I love you, you wretched man.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“despite his single-minded determination, he forced himself to give her one last opportunity to escape what he could no longer control himself.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“If he had come across her six years ago, he would have simply ridden off with her and made her his. But he was “civilized” now and so couldn’t follow his natural inclinations anymore.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“She wanted the touch of his mouth on hers so much that she was willing to take the hurt with it.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“I don’t see what that has to do with it. I hope you don’t think I waited a year after the earl passed on to take a lover. Goodness, no. A woman has needs every bit as strong as a man’s.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

“Jocelyn had to get rid of her maidenhead. It was the only way she could keep Edward’s name from being blackened with ugly gossip. And after all, a widow had no business being a virgin.”
― Johanna Lindsey, quote from Savage Thunder

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