3+ quotes from A Matter of Honor by Jeffrey Archer

Quotes from A Matter of Honor

Jeffrey Archer ·  368 pages

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“word in block capitals, and when he wasn’t certain of the spelling he put down the possible alternative letters below; he wanted to be sure of any translation the first time. “My, you do work late,” whispered a voice from behind him. Adam spun round, feeling like a burglar who had been”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from A Matter of Honor

“Adam took one hand off the handlebars and fingered the envelope in his inside pocket like a schoolboy the day before his birthday feeling the shape of a present in the hope of discovering some clue as to its contents. He felt certain that whatever it contained would not be to anyone's advantage now his father was dead, but it did not lessen his curiosity.”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from A Matter of Honor

“next to Wainwright, who was already”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from A Matter of Honor

About the author

Jeffrey Archer
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date April 15, 1940
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