Quotes from Rush Too Far

Abbi Glines ·  242 pages

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“Leaning down, I pressed a kiss to her head. "I will fix this. I swear I will make it right. I love you enough to get us through this. I just need you to love me enough. Please, Blaire. Love me enough," I pleaded.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“It was like she'd become the sun, and I started revolving around her. She was my center.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“Blaire is mine. Don’t touch her. I will kill you. Do you understand me?”
Woods let out a humourless laugh. “Yeah. Whatever, Finlay I’m not scared of your threats. The only reason I’m not touching Blaire is that she doesn’t want me. It’s fucking obvious who she wants. So calm the hell down. You’ve had her from the beginning.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“God, she had me. That was it. She had me. I couldn’t let her go. Not now. I was owned.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“Doesn’t sound like she’s alone anymore”…
“She’s not. She never will be. I’ll always be there for her. I’ll keep her safe. I’ll take care of her. She will always have me.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“My sweet Blaire. She had shown up and stolen a piece of my heart without opening her mouth. Then she’d consumed me. Taken it all. I had let her have it freely.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“She didn’t get me at all. She didn’t understand, and holy hell, she thought she wasn’t good enough. Was she kidding me? She was so damn near perfect it hurt.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“The fact that I was suddenly glad that I was shirtless wasn’t good. I shouldn’t care that she was staring at my chest like she wanted a lick. Fuck. Fuck. No! She didn’t want to lick my chest. Where the hell had that idea come from?”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“I wanted not to give a shit that Nan was upset. She needed to grow the fuck up and realize she wasn’t the only person on the planet.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“Blaire isn’t just another girl for me. She’s it for me. She. Is. It.” Saying the words out loud didn’t just shock everyone around me, it shocked the hell out of me, too. She was it. I would never want anyone else. Ever. Just Blaire.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“Why are you ordering food? We’re here to drink and dance with cowboys. Not eat,” Bethy said angrily.
She could fuck off.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“There were no rules where Blaire was concerned. She was on a higher plane, above any rules I had when it came to women. I just wanted her.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“Loving someone you don’t deserve isn’t easy. It hurts like hell. But not one moment of my time with Blaire would I regret.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“They say that children have the purest hearts. That children don't truly hate, because they don't fully understand the emotion. They forgive and forget easily.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far

“I will fix this. I swear I will make it right. I love you enough to get us through this. I just need you to love me enough. Please, Blaire. Love me enough.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Rush Too Far


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