6+ quotes from Beautiful Affliction by Lene Fogelberg

Quotes from Beautiful Affliction

Lene Fogelberg ·  352 pages

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“Dancing is like poetry written by our bodies: our outstretched arms our words of longing.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

“In strength the body only knows itself, is full of itself, its movements, its words, but in weakness is the invisible and the whisperings.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

“She is one of these women who always carries a home with her, wherever she is.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

“He laughs again and I want to eat his laughter, be nourished by it, feel it in my blood.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

“Maybe there is an invisible world working behind our own, maybe words in the silence, maybe movements in what looks completely still. When every door is closed, maybe doors are opening that can’t be seen.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

“Sometimes you know that you are destined to die, but somehow you are given a parenthesis after the punctuation mark: more years, more time that wasn’t meant for you but still was meant for you, a bridge stretching out into the stars, a confidence built of invisible threads, a miracle.”
― Lene Fogelberg, quote from Beautiful Affliction

About the author

Lene Fogelberg
Born place: in Gothenburg, Sweden
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