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“Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a ‘real’ experience.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“It is no exaggeration to say that every human being is hypnotized to some extent either by ideas he has uncritically accepted from others or ideas he has repeated to himself or convinced himself are true. These negative ideas have exactly the same effect upon our behavior as the negative ideas implanted into the mind of a hypnotized subject by a professional hypnotist.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“Skill in any performance whether it be in sports in playing the piano in conversation or in selling merchandise consists not in painfully and consciously thinking out each action as it is performed but in relaxing and letting the job do itself through you. Creative performance is spontaneous and ‘natural’ as opposed to self-conscious and studied.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“Conscious effort inhibits and ‘jams’ the automatic creative mechanism.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“He must have a burning desire to solve the problem. But after he has defined the problem sees in his imagination the desired end result secured all the information and facts that he can then additional struggling fretting and worrying over it does not help but seems to hinder the solution.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

“Our present state of self-confidence and poise is the result of what we have "experienced" rather than what we have learned intellectually.”
― quote from Psycho-Cybernetics

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