7+ quotes from Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

Quotes from Obsidian

Laurann Dohner ·  200 pages

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“Holding on to the past means you can never be open to having a future”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“His voice deepened. "Sign them. We´re in the bedroom and i´m giving you an order.”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“Love is so complicated. I’m glad I don’t suffer from it and hope I never do. It’s amazing how smart, strong people turn into frail, frightened idiots once their hearts are involved.”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“You are not the first female to strike me, my mate did it often. She grew testy at time."
Like perhaps when you opened your mouth...
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“Let me go.”
“No.” He pulled her closer. “Never.”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“You will stay with me. You will sleep here at my side and you will touch me. I am depressed but not when you stroke my chest.”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

“all I want to know.” “You just”
― Laurann Dohner, quote from Obsidian

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