7+ quotes from Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper

Quotes from Hunting Fear

Kay Hooper ·  350 pages

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“You know, for someone who holds a position of legal authority as high as yours, you sure do like to throw away the rule book sometimes."

"Knowing the rules is one thing. Following them blindly all the time is something else again.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“Metcalf came into the room and sat down with a sigh. "Did everybody go nuts all of a sudden? It's Thursday, for Christ's sake, and you'd think it was Saturday night. Fender benders, B amp;Es, domestic disputes-and some asshole just tried to rob one of our three banks."

"Unsuccessfully, I gather," Lucas said.

"Yeah, but not much credit to my people. Guy had a flare gun. A flare gun. I was ready to shoot him just on general principle. And because he fucked up my morning.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“Instead, she got one of the books off her dresser and sat in the eading chair, stretching out her legs and gently resting her feet on he bed. She sat there gazing at Luke's sleeping face for a long ime, then stirred and opened her book.

Softly, she murmured, "You aren't in my future, Luke. Unless I put you there.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“Samantha said, "I should be at the carnival. I have things to do."

"Sam, do we have to keep arguing about this?" He handed her a cup but didn't let go until she met his gaze. "I want you here. I need you here."

She hesitated, then nodded. "Okay, fine."

It might not have been gracious acceptance, but at least it was acceptance, and Lucas was visibly relieved.

Jaylene knew why. Samantha could be rather slippery when she didn't want to be somewhere.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“Samantha thought he looked very tired and more than a little grim, and even the simmering anger she felt toward him couldn't stop her from appreciating the courtesy.

He was most always courteous, Luke.

Damn him.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“It wasn't like Samantha, Leo thought, to meddle. Inside her booth, Madam Zarina offered advice and answers to troubled questions, but outside it Samantha minded her own business and scrupulously avoided the business of others. It had been a hard lesson learned, but she had learned it well. So what was she up to now?”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

“Lucas remained where he was for several moments, then said to his partner, "I've never met anybody so goddamned stubborn in my life."

"Look in the mirror.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Hunting Fear

About the author

Kay Hooper
Born place: in The United States
Born date January 1, 1958
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