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Jessica Shirvington ·  415 pages

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“Would you die for her?'
I almost stopped breathing.
I could feel his eyes on me.
'I do. Every day.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“Love will kill us all." He said sadly. "First it makes us lie furiously so we can be what me must in order to appear deserving. Then, it tears us apart with raw truth. Whether we are man, exile or angel - It doesn't matter. For us all, the nature of truth is unforgiving.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“His brow furrowed. "It's beautiful... and awful, too. What is it?"

"It's me”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“We love the ones we hate”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

Thanks for giving me a place to sleep last night,
and for the extra blanket.

-Violet's note to Lincoln”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“If I spent all my time fearing the things I should, I'd never stop screaming.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“Would you die for her?
I do. Every Day.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“Girl, all existence is a test. Some just get challenged in more obvious ways.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“I think of all that happened since finding her. Barely a blink in my existence, but everything has changed... We love the ones we hate.
And I hate her with all my heart”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“I give it to you now because, child of soldier, child of man, child of angel, it is not necessary to win the battle, if in the end, you win the war.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” Oscar Wilde”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction.” John Owen”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“I looked up, my eyes pouring with tears of pain and understanding. I had to look away. I let my other hand slip from the rock and hang loose. “Don’t, Violet!” Lincoln’s voice was strong and unwavering. It caught me by surprise. “Don’t. You. Dare. Look at me!” It wasn’t compulsion, but I still couldn’t stop myself. I had to see him one last time. I opened my mouth to tell him good-bye, but he didn’t let me speak. “If you let go, I’m jumping in there after you!” My hand slipped in his hold and I did little to stop it, but he clung on. “It’s better this way, Linc! You can fight him without me and then you’ll be free!” He looked at me like I was mad until his jaw set with determination. “You smell of winter dew at the first crack of dawn and when you use your power, it feels like being submerged in the most intoxicating vanilla cream that I lose myself in it every time and…and you were beautiful,” he blurted out, catching us both by surprise. But he went on, ignoring the fact my hand was still slipping. “So stunning in that dress the other night, I could hardly look at you it hurt so much. You are the thing I dread the most in myself, Violet, because…I love you so much that I can’t trust myself. I’d die for you, give up all my power for you. I’d give you my soul in an instant, even if it meant I had to spend eternity in torment—just for one moment with you as mine. Wanting you consumes me. I dread you because I know the risk, but I’m so selfish, I want you anyway. I’d take you even though it could kill you.” I cried out again, the pain now so much worse, inside and out. My hand continued to slip as I looked into his eyes, intense with want, and I knew he was telling the truth. He would jump in after me. I forced my loose arm up and he grabbed it, leaning farther into the opening. He lifted me out and as he did, the severity of my burns became apparent. I couldn’t hold back the screams and he placed me belly down on the ground.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“I heard her walking away. Lincoln stayed where he was for a while and then sat down beside me again. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t touch me. He knew I couldn’t have handled it right then. I turned toward the window and pretended to sleep while trying to ignore the hundreds of thoughts bombarding my mind, fighting for attention. It wasn’t long before I felt him move away, and the first twinge of my soul stirring within, warning me. “Let me by.” “I’m sorry, Evelyn. I’m sure there is a lot that needs to be discussed, but right now, she’s exhausted. You have no idea what she’s been through.” Lincoln’s voice caught, but he covered it, clearing his throat. “She needs to rest…and so do you, I imagine.” “You’re her partner?” she asked confrontationally. “I am.” “You’re from a Power?” It was an odd question. “How did you know?” Lincoln asked. “At least some things were done right,” she mumbled. “I suppose if I were to make a point of passing you now, you’d be willing to use force?” “A fair assumption,” he said, and I could tell he wasn’t joking. My soul stirred again. “Would you die for her?” I almost stopped breathing. I could feel his eyes on me. “I do. Every day.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze

“A fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell.” Thomas Fuller”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Emblaze


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