Quotes from Mossflower

Brian Jacques ·  373 pages

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“Pick-a-lock, Pick-a-lock, you'll regret the day,
When you took a mouse thief and locked him away,
Silly cat, look at that, it's two for one,
A thief and a warrior, by dawn will be gone.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

“There is no greater evil than killing. I don't care whether they call it war or justice. Life is precious.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

“There are enough cowards in the world without killing a brave creature for so little reason.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

“Tell the Queen that there's been a robin red-breast hanging about Kotir grounds. It flies down low and vanishes near the floor. Cludd thinks it might be something to do with those woodlanders. Now, I'm to say nothing to Fortunata or Ashleg...
'I must tell the Queen that a robin has seen Cludd hanging about. No, that's not right. I must tellt he robin taht Cludd has been hanging the Queen.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

“Songs just spring into my head. Silly, isn't it. Sometimes old Goody Stickle says that it's Mossflower singing through me. Now and then she'll say it's a sight of season the hasn't yet shone
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

“Early morning was enveloped in white mist. It clung to tree and bush like a gossamer shawl, sparkling with dewdrops in the promise of a hot sunny day ahead.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Mossflower

About the author

Brian Jacques
Born place: in Liverpool, The United Kingdom
Born date June 15, 1939
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