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“You humans certainly have your hearts set on being happy, don’t you?”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

“What other lost soul has the misfortune to have you as their fairy godfather?”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

“Neat' was the highest superlative possible from Burndee and it was not a word that he often used...unless he was describing something he had done. 'Neat'--without even 'very' or 'really' attached to it--was extremely high praise from Burndee.”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

“I’m good, but I’m not that good. Unless we steal a baby—” Colin”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

“My first choice would be to give you more god children, but that would be far too cruel a thing to do—to them.”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

“It almost made him feel sorry for Colin and that was just as unthinkable an estate as marriage.”
― Allison Tebo, quote from The Reluctant Godfather

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“My mother's voice intruded on a dream in which a large animated eggplant named Bob teetered on the edge of a cliff with thoughts of suicide and Parmesan.”
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“He pulls free before we make contact. “A moment, please. Allow me to bask in your devotion.” He’s referring to my ankle tattoo.
I blush. “I’ve told you a hundred times. It’s only a set of wings.”
“Nonsense.” Morpheus grins. “I know a moth when I see one.”
I groan in frustration, and he surrenders, letting me press our markings together. A spark rushes between them, expanding to a firestorm through my veins. His gaze locks on mine, and the bottomless depths flicker—like black clouds alive with lightning. For that instant, I’m bared to the bone. He looks inside my heart; I look inside his. And the similarities there terrify me.”
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“He feared no challenger face-to-face, but war was deception, as Khevat had taught him, and not all men fought their enemies with spear and fist.”
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“There's such a thing as free will, Tanner. You didn't have to go along with me, unless you want to admit your brain is ruled by your dick. And I didn't get the impression you regretted any of that.”
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“Wiem, gdzie jesion stoi, Yggdrasill się zowie,
Lśniącą wilgotnością pień jego zroszony;
Z niego idzie rosa, co w dolinach spada,
Koło Urs studni wciąż zielony stoi.”
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