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“He was unique among the Aesir in this respect; while all were powerful warriors, he alone wielded death as a weapon.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“As the venom streamed down once more, he heard the unmistakable sound of a wolf howling. It would not be long now. Ragnarok had come, and he would see Asgard crushed and burned till he trod on the ashes of all of those who had wronged him.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Without hesitation, Thor Flung Mjolnir from h is hands. The hammer smashed into the giant's face, and reeled with the force. Lightning crashed down, striking the hammer, and Tyr saw Thor's features lit up, his red beard giving the brief impression that his face was on fire. Mojlnir, glowing red hot, returned to Thor's outstretched hand, and he sent it out again, once more smashing into the giant's head. Smoke rose up from where it had hit flesh, and there was a hissing as the rain cooled down the boiling skin.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“You alone are responsible for this. Your twisted schemes have caused the death of all that you knew. I only wish that at least one of the Aesir lived so that he might see how foul you truly are.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“It was his earliest memory, and he could almost feel his swaddling cloth around him while he looked up at the one who had rescued him when his parents had been killed by the giants.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“And yet he knew he would not leave. He must trust that they would triumph over this giant, despite his strength and power. This could very well be a ploy to lead him away from Bifrost so that another assault could be undertaken while the bridge was left unguarded. Though”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“These were Odin's army of dead warriors, the Einherjar. They fought on the fields of Asgard each day, feasted and drank themselves to a stupor each night, only to rise—both the dead and the living—to repeat the cycle the next day.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Every sacrifice, every plan, every action I undertake is in service to Asgard. Before you pass judgment on me, consider what you have gained, and what you might have lost if not for my actions.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Loki and Angrboda’s eyes were blinded by the love that parents feel when cradling their newborn children, else they would have realized that the creatures that had sprung forth from her loins were monstrous indeed.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Thor was even supposed to have survived a battle with Old Age herself, a foe that defeats all.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Hundreds of Einherjar lay dead around them, some so badly mangled that Tyr could not imagine that they would rise again with the morn, or at least he hoped they would not. He”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Heimdall had already decided that he would not pass. If he attempted to force his way through he would have no one to blame for his lost head but himself.”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

“Yggdrasil, despite its mass, did not appear completely solid. He could see through it at times, and it pulsed from corporeal to transient, fading in and out as though it could not decide if it wanted to exist or not. He”
― Mike Vasich, quote from Loki

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