29+ quotes from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Quotes from Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur ·  204 pages

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“Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“i am a museum full of art
but you had your eyes shut”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“you tell me to quiet down cause my opinions make me less beautiful but i was not made with a fire in my belly so i could be put out i was not made with a lightness on my tongue so i could be easy to swallow i was made heavy half blade and half silk difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“if you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“The kindest words my father said to me
Women like you drown oceans.”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“do not look for healing
at the feet of those
who broke you”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“i am water

soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
you have helped me
grow flowers out of mine so
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“for you to see beauty here
does not mean
there is beauty in me
it means there is beauty rooted
so deep within you
you can't help but
see it everywhere”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“he placed his hands
on my mind
before reaching
for my waist
my hips
or my lips
he didn't call me
beautiful first
he called me

- how he touches me”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“i don’t know what living a balanced life feels like
when i am sad
i don’t cry i pour
when i am happy
i don’t smile i glow
when i am angry
i don’t yell i burn
the good thing about
feeling in extremes
is when i love
i give them wings
but perhaps
that isn't
such a good thing
cause they always
tend to leave and
you should see me
when my heart is broken
i don't grieve”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“people go but how they left always stays”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“most importantly love
like it's the only thing you know how
at the end of the day all this
means nothing
this page
where you're sitting
your degree
your job
the money
nothing even matters
except love and human connection
who you loved
and how deeply you loved them
how you touched the people around you
and how much you gave them”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“how you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“how is it so easy for you to be kind to people he asked milk and honey dripped from my lips as i answered cause people have not been kind to me”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“The thing about writing is I can't tell if it's healing or destroying.”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“the world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it
- there is nothing purer than that
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“your art
is not about how many people
like your work
your art
is about
if your heart likes your work
if your soul likes your work
it's about how honest
you are with yourself
and you
must never
trade honesty
for relatability”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“i have what i have and i am happy i’ve lost what i’ve lost and i am still happy - outlook”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“my heart woke me crying last night
how can i help i begged
my heart said
write the book”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“apparently it is ungraceful of me
to mention my period in public
cause the actual biology
of my body is too real

it is okay to sell what's
between a woman's legs
more than it is okay to
mention its inner workings

the recreational use of
this body is seen as
beautiful while
its nature is
seen as ugly”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“i am hopelessly
a lover and
a dreamer and
that will be the
death of me”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“the very thought of you
has my legs spread apart
like an easel with a canvas
begging for art”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“when you are broken
and he has left you
do not question
whether you were
the problem was
you were so enough
he was not able to carry it”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“what i miss most is how you loved me. but what i didn't know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was. it was a reflection of everything i gave you. coming back to me. how did i not see that. how. did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was i that taught you. when it was i that showed you how to fill. the way i needed to be filled. how cruel i was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you recognized it. as if i was already not these things before i met you. as if i did not remain all these things after you left.”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“you cannot leave
and have me too
i cannot exist in
two places at once

-when you ask if we can still be friends”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“love will come
and when love comes
love will hold you
love will call your name
and you will melt
sometimes though
love will hurt you but
love will never mean to
love will play no games
cause love knows life
has been hard enough already”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“what terrifies me most is how we
foam at the mouth with envy
when others succeed
but sigh in relief
when they are failing

our struggle to
celebrate each other is
what's proven most difficult
in being human”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

“you look at me and cry
everything hurts

i hold you and whisper
but everything can heal”
― Rupi Kaur, quote from Milk and Honey

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