Quotes from Malice

John Gwynne ·  672 pages

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“I shall stay and tell my tale, hope that it may serve some purpose, that eyes shall see it and learn, that the future will not repeat the mistakes of the past. That is my prayer, but what use is prayer to a god that has abandoned all things . . .”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

“Come, boy, it is time for a lesson. Let me teach you the power of words,”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

“Storm. I shall call her Storm.”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

“The mountains were gone, replaced by a lush green vale. A river flowed out of the mountains, twisting in great curves through the vale until it”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

“Both the brave man and the coward feel the same. The only difference between them is that the brave man faces his fear, does not run.”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

“You can tell much about a man by the company he keeps, by his friends, and his enemies,”
― John Gwynne, quote from Malice

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John Gwynne
Born place: in The United Kingdom
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