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5+ quotes from The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker

Quotes from The Fourth Monkey

J.D. Barker ·  404 pages

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“We're going to have such fun, you and I.”
― J.D. Barker, quote from The Fourth Monkey

“Father once told me there was a sweet spot to life between the age of fifteen and sixty-five when you were fully visible to the world—any older and you fade from sight, dimming to obscurity. And”
― J.D. Barker, quote from The Fourth Monkey

“He loved TV Guide. He never watched television, didn’t need to—he got everything he needed from the magazine”
― J.D. Barker, quote from The Fourth Monkey

“television had lost its luster when they canceled The Incredible Hulk in May of 1982.”
― J.D. Barker, quote from The Fourth Monkey

“Mizaru means see no evil, Kikazaru means hear no evil, and Iwazaru means speak no evil.” Father”
― J.D. Barker, quote from The Fourth Monkey

About the author

J.D. Barker
Born place: in Shadow Cove, MA, The United States
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“You love, and tremble, and burn. Do not let any of them tell you who you are. You are the flame that cannot be put out. You are the star that cannot be lost. You are who you have always been, and that is enough and more than enough. Anyone who looks at you and sees darkness is blind.”
― Cassandra Clare, quote from Nothing but Shadows

“If you've never seen a rainbow burn, consider yourself lucky.”
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“Δεν έχουμε παρά μια μονάχα στιγμή στη διάθεσή μας. Ας κάνουμε τη στιγμή αυτή αιωνιότητα. Άλλη αθανασία δεν υπάρχει.”
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“In this office we do not have problems. We have interesting developments. We have challenges. If we absolute must we may, on occasion, have a slight difficulty. But under no circumstances whatsoever do we have problems.”
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