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19+ quotes from Magician by Raymond E. Feist

Quotes from Magician

Raymond E. Feist ·  681 pages

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“Some loves come unbidden like winds from the sea, and others grow from the seeds of friendship.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“The faults we see in others never seem as dreadful as those we see in ourselves.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“The first love is the difficult love.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“You know what it is to laugh at death, Arutha. You’ll never be the same man again.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“It is something only a few know in their lives. It is a vision of something so clear, so true, it can only be a madness. You see what life is worth, and you know what death means.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“There was nothing left to fear. He would endure or he wouldn’t.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“Sometimes we want love so much, we’re not too choosy about who we love. Other times we make love such a pure and noble thing, no poor human can ever meet our vision. But for the most part, love is a recognition, an opportunity to say, “There is something about you I cherish.” It doesn’t entail marriage, or even physical love. There’s love of parents, love of city or nation, love of life, and love of people. All different, all love.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“The Empire is all those who live within its borders, from the nobles to the lowest servant, even the slaves who work the fields. It must be seen as a whole, not as being embodied by some small but visible part, such as the Warlord or the High Council.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“One time is much like another to death. She comes when she will. So why give over your mind to worry?”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“What is he?’ ‘What would you have him be?”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“Warlords who fail in conducting war tend to fall from grace quickly.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“Mama shrieked. The first man turned”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“the sound of old winter ice breaking at spring’s touch,”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“People most often don’t see what is right before them.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“Tis a wise thing to know what is wanted, and wiser still to know when ’tis achieved,”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“It’s often said we take offense most in what we see of ourselves in others.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“Some love comes like a wind off the sea, while others grow slowly from the seeds of friendship and kindness.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“should you chance to find yourself exchanging pleasantries with a moredhel woman again, she’d as soon cut your heart out as kiss you.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

“among man’s strange undertakings, war stood clearly forth as the strangest.”
― Raymond E. Feist, quote from Magician

About the author

Raymond E. Feist
Born place: in Los Angeles, California, The United States
Born date December 23, 1945
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