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7+ quotes from The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin

Quotes from The Waiting Sky

Lara Zielin ·  246 pages

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“His hands are on my back, in my hair, on my hips. His fingers move like I'm Braille, like he's trying to read me just by touching me.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“But in the mouth of Mother Nature's fury, Ethan's totally at ease, and I wonder if it's because he's studied weather for years, or because he figured out a long time ago that the things that really hurt you don't usually fall from the sky.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“I can click my heels together all I want, but there's just no place to go.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“There’s a thin line between saving someone and helping them destroy themselves”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“You don't go through things with people and not love them for it. It's like those guys in the army who fight in muddy trenches and drag each other out of harm's way and are blood brothers for life because of it all. Only in our case, my mom and I face eviction notices and power shutoffs together.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“Thigh on thigh, chest on chest, we're so close, there's not even night between us.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

“Max's lips part slightly, and mine do the same. His tongue inside my mouth makes fireworks of color burst behind my closed eyelids. We explore and taste each other again and again, until Max finally pulls away. I want more-- I think I could survive on nothing but his mouth for weeks--but I try not to let it show too much.”
― Lara Zielin, quote from The Waiting Sky

About the author

Lara Zielin
Born place: in The United States
Born date November 24, 1975
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