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5+ quotes from Chasing Merlin

Quotes from Chasing Merlin

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“Rum and Coke.  No ice, please.”  She nodded”
― quote from Chasing Merlin

“Ryan laughed, clapping Emrys on the back.  “Because twenty-seven is so far away from twenty-four.  Emrys over here must have come out of the womb an old man,” he joked. ”
― quote from Chasing Merlin

“Perhaps it is how we are made; perhaps words of truth reach us best through the heart, and stories and songs are the language of the heart.”  -Stephen Lawhead, Merlin”
― quote from Chasing Merlin

“Beth os na fydd yn fy helpu?”
― quote from Chasing Merlin

“Awyr y gynhelir adenydd fy mrawd Rwy'n agor fy hun i chi Cadw ni'n ddiogel ac nid ydynt yn ymladd y dyfodol, rydym yn dod i chi Tawel eich hun!”
― quote from Chasing Merlin

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“Why couldn’t they just give the human female a bag of money and then pee on the building so that everyone would know it was theirs? This”
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“Good-bye, Davita. Be discontented with the world. But be respectful at the same time.”
― Chaim Potok, quote from Davita's Harp

“Sympathizing over the behavior of men is the baking soda of women's friendships, it seems,the thing that makes them bubble and rise.”
― Barbara Kingsolver, quote from Pigs in Heaven

“It was his fault too,” Fredrick said. “He never really asked her why. It was like he didn’t want to know.”
― Matthew J. Kirby, quote from The Clockwork Three

“For millions of people, “wealth” amounts to little more than a few weeks’ wages in a checking account or low-interest savings account, a car, and a few pieces of furniture. The inescapable reality is this: wealth is so concentrated that a large segment of society is virtually unaware of its existence, so that some people imagine that it belongs to surreal or mysterious entities. That is why it is so essential to study capital and its distribution in a methodical, systematic way.”
― Thomas Piketty, quote from Capital in the Twenty-First Century

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