10+ quotes from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns by Andrea Gibson

Quotes from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

Andrea Gibson ·  99 pages

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“I know this world is far from perfect.
I am not the type to mistake a streetlight for the moon.
I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic.
But every ocean has a shoreline
and every shoreline has a tide
that is constantly returning
to wake the songbirds in our hands,
to wake the music in our bones,
to place one fearless kiss on the mouth of that new born river
that has to run through the center of our hearts
to find its way home.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“Cause I don't wanna be a witness to this life,
I want to be charged and convicted,
ear lifted to her song like a bouquet of yes
because my heart is a parachute that has never opened in time
and I wanna fuck up that pattern,
leave a hole where the cold comes in and fill it every day with her sun,
'cause anyone who has ever sat in lotus for more than a few seconds
knows it takes a hell of a lot more muscle to stay than to go”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“Right now there’s a man on the street outside my door
with outstretched hands full of heartbeats no one can hear.
He has cheeks like torn sheet music
every tear-broken crescendo falling on deaf ears.
At his side there’s a boy with eyes like an anthem
no one stands up for.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“You are a mystery I promise I will never try to solve.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“Hey, are you a boy or a — never mind, can I have a push on the swing?” And some day, y’all, when we grow up, it’s all gonna be that simple.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“I thought, "The flowers, save the flowers..."

I never thought for a second
we wouldn't save the people”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“Because anyone who has ever sat in lotus for more than a few seconds knows it takes a hell of a lot more muscle to stay then to go.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“When your heart is broken you plant seeds in the cracks
and you pray for rain.
And you teach your sons and daughters
there are sharks in the water
but the only way to survive
is to breathe deep
and dive.”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“I remember the way love
used to glow on my skin
before he made his way in
now every touch feels like a sin”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

“Bliss is the moments you're with me / when you're gone my life hurts like hell / but I'll do anything to me happy even if it means setting you free to be with someone else”
― Andrea Gibson, quote from Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

About the author

Andrea Gibson
Born place: in Calais, Maine, The United States
Born date August 13, 1975
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