Quotes from Look Again

Lisa Scottoline ·  337 pages

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“Even people who counted their blessings never counted them in the morning. For one thing, there wasn't time.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again

“Bad things are like waves. They're going to happen to you, and there's nothing you can do about it. They're part of life, like waves are a part of the ocean. If you're standing on the shoreline, you don't know when the waves are coming. But they'll come. You gotta make sure you get back to the surface, after every wave. That's all.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again

“It's the Snickers bars. Snickers equal romance.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again

“Writing had always helped her, before. It always clarified her feelings and her thoughts, and she never felt like she could understand something fully until the very minute that she'd written about it, as if each story was one she told herself and her readers, at the same time.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again

“Night came early to this neighborhood, the sun fleeing the sky, leaving heaven black and blue.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again

“He’s an odd duck
but he’s a good kid, with a good heart.”
― Lisa Scottoline, quote from Look Again


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Lisa Scottoline
Born place: in Philadelphia, The United States
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