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28+ quotes from Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat

Quotes from Kings Rising

C.S. Pacat ·  385 pages

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“I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“That’s right. He is Charls. I am Charls. We are cousins,’ said Charls, gamely, ‘named after our grandfather. Charls.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“I miss you," said Laurent. "I miss our conversations.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“You’ve spent a morning with him and you’re warning me off. Just wait,’ said Damen, ‘until you’ve spent a full day with him.’
‘You mean that he improves with time?’
‘Not exactly,’ said Damen.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Don't", said Laurent, "toy with me. I - have not the means to defend against this.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“I would court you, with all the grace and courtesy that you deserve,”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“How can you trust me, after what your own brother did to you?"
"Because he was false", said Damen, "and you are true. I have never known a truer man.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“I know who you are, Damianos,’ said Laurent.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“You see?” said Laurent. “He has forgiven me for the small matter of the whip. I have forgiven him for the small matter of killing my brother. All hail the alliance.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“I miss you too,’ he said. ‘I’m jealous of Isander.’ ‘Isander’s a slave.’ ‘I was a slave.’ The moment ached. Laurent met his gaze, his eyes too clear. ‘You were never a slave, Damianos. You were born to rule, as I was.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Laurent entered, an edge to his grace, like a leopard with a headache.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“The ache of loss didn't make sense, because Laurent had never been his.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“There was a man I was supposed to meet. He’s got all these ideas about honour and fair play, and he tries to keep me from doing the wrong thing. But he’s not here right now. Unfortunately for you.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“That is the man you face. He has more honour and integrity than any man I have ever met. He is dedicated to his people and his country. And I am proud to have been his lover.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“To gain everything and lose everything in the space of a moment. That is the fate of all princes destined for the throne.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Makedon was explaining the virtues of iron tea to Laurent, and when Laurent massaged his own temple with finely bred fingers, Makedon remarked, rising, ‘You should have your slave fetch you some.’

‘Fetch me some,’ Laurent said.
Damen rose. And stopped.

Laurent had gone very still. Damen stood there, awkwardly. He could think of no other reason why he had stood up.

He looked up and his eyes met those of Nikandros, who was staring at him. Nikandros was with a small group to one side of the table, the last of the men in the hall. He was the only one to have seen and heard. Damen just stood there.

‘This meeting is over,’ Nikandros announced to the men around him, too loudly. ‘The King is ready to ride.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“I'm glad you're here,' said Laurent. 'I always thought that I'd have to face my uncle alone.'
He turned to look at Damen, and their eyes met.
'You're not alone,' said Damen.
Laurent didn't answer, but he did give a smile, and reached out to touch Damen, wordlessly.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Laurent said, ‘No. I’m not here to—’ He said, ‘I’m just here.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Don't think, he'd said, because it was easier than saying, Take me for who I am.
He couldn't bear that suddenly. He wanted it without pretences, without excuses, his fingers curling hard into Laurent's hair.
'It's me,' said Damen. 'It's me, here with you. Say my name.'
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“There was a warmth in his chest whenever he looked at Laurent. He didn't look often for that reason.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Is today the first time you’ve been beaten in an okton?’
‘Technically, it was a draw,’ said Damen.
‘Technically. I told you I was quite good at riding. I used to beat Auguste all the time when we raced at Chastillon. It took me until I was nine to realise he was letting me win. I just thought I had a very fast pony. You’re smiling.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“After a moment, Laurent said, ‘He would have liked you.’

‘Even after I started courting his little brother?’ said Damen carefully.

He watched Laurent stop, the way that he did when he was taken by surprise, and then lift his eyes to meet Damen’s.

‘Yes,’ said Laurent softly, his cheeks reddened slightly.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Did you learn the rotation of the border patrols?’ said Laurent.

‘Yes, our scouts found—’

Laurent was standing in the doorway wearing a chiton of unadorned white cotton.

Damen dropped the pitcher.

It shattered, shards flying outward as it slipped from his fingers and hit the stone floor.

Laurent’s arms were bare. His throat was bare. His collarbone was bare, and most of his thighs, his long legs, and all of his left shoulder. Damen stared at him.

‘You’re wearing Akielon clothing,’ said Damen.

‘Everyone’s wearing Akielon clothing,’ said Laurent.

Damen thought that the pitcher had shattered and he could not now take a deep draught of the wine. Laurent came forward, navigating the broken ceramic in his short cotton and sandalled feet, until he reached the seat beside Damen, where the map was laid out on the wooden table.

‘Once we know the rotation of the patrols, we’ll know when to approach,’ said Laurent.

Laurent sat down.

‘We need to approach at the beginning of their rotation in order to give us the most time before they report back to the fort.’

It was even shorter sitting down.


‘Yes. Sorry,’ said Damen. And then: ‘What were you saying?”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“Now, Laurent was beside him. Aloof, untouchable Laurent was beside him, kneeling on the wet marble hundreds of miles from home, with nothing in his eyes but Damen.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“A ludicrous boyish hope flared that someone would come to help him, and, carefully, he extinguished it.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“You're still wearing it."
He couldn't help but say it. Laurent's wrist was heavy with gold, like the colour of his hair in the firelight.
"So are you."
"Tell me why."
"You know why," said Laurent.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“You spent the night in the Prince of Vere’s rooms.’ ‘I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.’ Nikandros didn’t move his horse out of the way.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

“It took me until I was nine to realise he was letting me win. I just thought I had a very fast pony.”
― C.S. Pacat, quote from Kings Rising

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