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Scarlett Dawn ·  530 pages

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“It’s nothing compared to happiness.”
I snorted through gritted teeth. “What happiness?”
“Reality interrupts—” Jaw clenching, my nostrils flared as I felt a gush of blood flow.
A whisper. “Life.” His blink was slow. “The mother of all bitches.”
“And the beauty?”
“Its absence is duly noted.”
“Only to be found by those later.”
Another swipe of my cheeks. “Once they’ve suffered to the point they scream for death.”
“Full circle.”
His hand found mine in a gentle hold. “Pain needs to be felt.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“It’s the beauty that helps us return from the harshness. If it wasn’t there, we would have nothing to live for.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“His lips slowly twitched. “As a gentleman, I think you should sleep off the drugs in your system.” Again, his wide, full lips curved wickedly. “Unless you plan to move your hand lower, then I might forget I’m acting the gentleman because, really, I’m not all that gentlemanly.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“His chest puffed, and he rumbled, "I breathe danger."
"Oh, good God, he did not just say that," Pearl muttered.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Too long spent denying each other, we no longer hid our want.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“I want to fall asleep next to you every night even when you’re cranky. I want to wake up next to you every morning even when I’m grumpy. I love the fact that when you snore it sounds a little like your wolf. I love that your mind is just as scheming as mine. I love the tiny smile you show only me after we’ve made love. I love the compassion you show to your subjects when other Rulers wouldn’t, but at the same time your intelligence and determination when you know you can’t. I love how loyal you are to those you love. And when it’s time to have children, you’re the one I want to have them with.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Open your eyes, sweetheart. I want you to see who’s fucking you senseless.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Jack’s face was now buried in his hands, his elbows still on his knees, and he hunched as he fisted his hair. “Ezra?” Evidence of his anguish to come was unmistakable in the catch of his voice.
Ezra’s was solid. “Yes?”
“Don’t let me kill myself.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“He did have to flush the toilet though, since I hadn’t gotten to that yet. I had only peed, otherwise I might have been mortified. Best friend or not, shit was still shit.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“In a deliberate dominant action, he bent his head over mine, placing his lips against my ear. “Look at me like that again, sweetheart, and I can’t promise I’ll remain a gentleman any longer, friendship pact be damned.” He pressed his hard cock more firmly against me. “Don’t tempt me.” A definite promise laced his seductive tone.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Damn, she's good."
"Of course she blodd is," Pearl murmured, her ace still stuffed against Jack's neck, even though she sounded like the prim English woman she was, her tone turning curt. "She's my mother.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Damn, she's good."
"Of course she bloody is," Pearl murmured, her ace still stuffed against Jack's neck, even though she sounded like the prim English woman she was, her tone turning curt. "She's my mother.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Work out your issues. Quit running from them.'
'We're not running from them,' I slurred, letting my head hang in defeat. 'We're yelling and drinking them away.' In the past week I had figured out what my issue was, and I didn't want to confront it.
'Lots of yelling,' King Venclaire muttered. 'Lots of drinking.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Hell...chickens,' Jack groused. It was the snickering that really woke me. And the sound of... Elder Jacobs.... muttering, 'Chickens?' 'Kill 'em... bastards,' Jack snorted.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“Love is overrated. All it brings is emptiness.” I twirled the ring again. “Definitely not beauty.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“We're going to Connecticut.' A deep inhale. 'Via a pond dome.' I blinked bit by bit. 'Through the Sound.' I rolled my shoulders. 'I think I should have paid better attention when Mom took me to Sunday school classes.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“If there’s any T and A in view, you had better,” I cleared my throat as his knuckles brushed my collarbone, his lips beginning to suckle at my neck, “keep your eyes averted if you’re wanting to keep them.” “I like my eyes right where they are.” He sighed softly. “On the woman I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“My grin was feral, matching my savage best friend’s.”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave

“I don’t believe the answers are written on her breasts, Elder Merrick.” My”
― Scarlett Dawn, quote from King Cave


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