Quotes from Island of Fire

Lisa McMann ·  464 pages

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“People who care about each other don’t hurt each other or make each other feel small.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“And so it was that in the midst of chaos and color and light, in the glorious rebirth of a magical world, there remained two small vessels dark and drained. And those vessels were the heart and the soul of a brokenhearted young mage, sobbing alone in the sand.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“-I'm not creative like you.-

-Of course you are!-

-I don't sing or draw or act or play an instrument. I can't make things.-

-That's not what 'creative' means, you know. Creativity is in everything.-”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“On the cool stone floor of their prison, Samheed and Lani huddled together to try to sleep.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“Aaron looked at Alex as they reached the bottom of the steps. "What? What is that? Jerkface? Is that good?"

Alex snorted. "Yeah, Aaron. It's really good. I think it means she likes you.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“Maybe you could keep him away from the breakables, eh?” “Maybe I could let him crrrush you into tiny bits,” Simber”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“People who care about each other don't hurt each other or make each other feel small. Period. End of sentence. It was obvious that Liam's problem was much bigger than just feeling like he had to obey...”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“Hard stuff forces you to grow up fast...”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“I’m not stealing your people, I’m rescuing mine,”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“Shred my beard and call me Ishmael!” the captain shouted. He”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“thin, whittled stick from his pocket and began to clean his teeth. “You knew”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“There was no time to look back. Only to move forward, toward the dots on the horizon, and steer for them.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

“but there was no time to marvel at his own awesomeness.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from Island of Fire

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Lisa McMann
Born place: in Holland, Michigan, The United States
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