Quotes from Blue Noon

Scott Westerfeld ·  384 pages

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“Fifteen!" Dess's distant cry reached him. "Where the hell are you, Rex? Ten. You're-an-idiot-nine, get-back-here-eight, you-dimwit-seven...”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“Maybe kissing is sort of like nature's coffee.
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“Dess shook her head. "Before he walked off, Rex said for you to wait. He said it's totally important you don't touch Angie until he comes back. and he said that if you were a pain about it, I get to hit you with that." She pointed to where the darkling had flung Flabbergasted Supernumerary Mathematician, its tip blackened by ichor and fire. "So, go ahead.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“Fine. Seer knows best, even if he is nuts. Maybe I can stand to wait a few more... whoa. What the hell happened to my car?
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“He squeezed her hand. "Then I'll come get you, wherever you are when it happens. We'll be okay."
"But what about everybody else?"
He stared out across the river, nodding slowly. "My guess is, everybody else is in big trouble.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“Battered by the mind noise, huddled in the back with eyes closed and fists clenched, the old Melissa had understood pep rallies about as well as a bird sucked through a jet engine comprehended aircraft design.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“«Aspettate un attimo!», esclamò all'improvviso Melissa. «Sta finendo». Rex prese di scatto il foglio e lo tolse dal tavolo. «Preparatevi.» Jonathan si fissò con forza sulla sedia. Melissa si fiorò di nuovo le tempie nella stessa posizione in cui stava quando era iniziata l'eclissi. Dess cercò di ricordarsi cosa stava facendo - probabilmente guardava Melissa e si chiedeva cosa diavolo avesse da strillare. Si girò verso la Telepate ele rifilò un adeguato sguardo di disprezzo.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“«Be', potete anche non crederci, ma la gente si metteva davvero in maschera», rispose Rex. «Ma il rituale più importante consisteva nell'accendere dei falò. Bruciavano tutto quello che potevano, persino le ossa dei vitelli macellati, sperando di poter scacciare la notte per qualche ora in più. Naturalmente, sapevano che l'inverno avrebbe vinto prima o poi. Samhain riconosce l'avvento dell'oscurità». «Ehi», disse Dess. «Ecco una bella cartolina di auguri: "Spero che tu e i tuoi passiate un bell'avvento dell'oscurità"».”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

“Dess took a deep breath, feeling a rush of relief now that the proclamation had been made. It was sort of like being the first astronomer to spot one of those big dinosaur-extermination-sized asteroids on its way toward Earth. Sure, this was majorly unpleasant news for everyone, including Dess personally, but at least she got to announce it.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Blue Noon

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Scott Westerfeld
Born place: in Dallas, Texas, The United States
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