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12+ quotes from Fears of Darkness by J.M. Northup

Quotes from Fears of Darkness

J.M. Northup ·  358 pages

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“I believe that all things are connected; that we’re interdependent on one another. I just like feeling the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, and the earth under my feet. It all nourishes me; my soul anyway.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Just because we live in a world of chaos and madness doesn’t mean we have to subscribe to that sort of behavior.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“People who felt scared or desperate enough could do almost anything, even things that are extremely out of their character to do; things that are not natural to them. When it came to the human condition, it only took one small spark to light an inferno.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Even in darkness, there’s light. You just need to look for it.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Grace allows forgiveness and faith allows hope.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Although some part of me knew that it was an impossible future, I allowed myself to be immersed fully in my dream. If I couldn’t have this future, I would at least have this moment.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Regardless of the outcome, I needed to know that I lived my life the way I felt was right and just. I needed to let the past be the past and take people as they were in this moment; the only moment to exist.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“I wanted more than anything to connect to someone. I wanted to feel alive again. I just felt dead inside. I could understand how some people just gave up. This darkness was overwhelming.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Sometimes I really hated people in general. I wanted to believe in the good that I knew existed in all of us, but it was so disheartening to see what happened when we let our bad over-rule that good.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“Again, fear makes people do stupid things,” I reminded her. “It can even make you do things you never thought you were capable of. If you're desperate enough you'll even believe things you know aren’t true.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“What did that say about me? Had I become one of the monsters I thought I was fighting?
“Things didn’t have to be like this,” I commented. “He could’ve made different choices.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness

“I guess it’s easier to believe a lie that helps you than a truth that doesn’t,” I remarked sadly.”
― J.M. Northup, quote from Fears of Darkness


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