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13+ quotes from Home Wrecker I by Brenda Perlin

Quotes from Home Wrecker I

Brenda Perlin ·  206 pages

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“I had no intention of forsaking my wedding vows. I had strong morals and never could have imagined going against them. I was never even tempted to stray.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“First of all, he was not my type. He was nice, considerate, unselfish and grounded; qualities I’d never experienced in a man. Usually, I went for the self centered, screwed up, “I’m lost, will you be my mother” type.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“I was always on guard and I was always prepared for him to be upset with me. I had lived feeling uneasy and tense for so long.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“I didn’t want to get burned. I didn't want to be the other woman, but I wanted him with all my might.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“Somehow, we both got carried away. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but before long, I knew nothing was ever going to be the same.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“At times, it felt so odd being with a man in such an intimate way who was not my husband.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“I didn’t feel like I was stealing someone’s husband; I felt like they were already apart.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“This very easy divorce had become very difficult. I thought I was in the express lane and it was all fast tracks from there. Think again.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“Not long after my mom died, my dad pretty much kicked me out of the house. He never said, “Get out of my house,” but instead, I came home one night to find all my clothes scattered all over our front lawn.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“I had just turned thirty. That was enough in itself to be depressed about. I never thought I would be this age and feel this worthless. I was supposed to be “somebody.” I guess you could say I was slightly disappointed at the outcome.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“Living with myself wasn’t all that easy. I was not the young girl I once was. Once upon a time when I looked in the mirror, I saw this happy glow. Now nothing glowed except the leftover face cream from the night before.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“I was physically attacked by a woman who didn’t even know me. Yes, my boyfriend was her former husband, but she tried to ruin me.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I

“He would say things like, “But you are my wife!” when I didn’t do something that he wanted me to do. His expectations were not realistic.”
― Brenda Perlin, quote from Home Wrecker I


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Brenda Perlin
Born place: Los Angeles, The United States
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