12+ quotes from House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones

Quotes from House of Many Ways

Diana Wynne Jones ·  416 pages

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“All she heard next of the strange conversation behind the sofa was Mrs. Pendragon saying something about sending Twinkle (or was his name Howl?) to bed without supper and Twinkle daring her to 'jutht TRY it.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“Sophie said a bad word. In the dim light she had stubbed her toe on one of the many dusty bricks piled around the place.
Naughty-naughty" Twinkle said.
Oh shut up!" Sophie said , standing on one leg to hold her toe. "Why don't you grow up?”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“In addition, Master Twinkle seems convinced that someone is denying him a pair of stripey trousers.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“I'll show you how," Peter said. "Stop hiding behind your ignorance.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“I’m beginning to think I’ve led a much too sheltered life.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“She's not stupid. She just never lets her mind out.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“By this time, half the people in High Norland were gathered in Royal Square to stare at the castle. They all watched with disbelief as the castle rose slightly into the air and glided toward the road that led southward. It was hardly more than an alley, really. "It'll never fit!" people said. But the castle somehow squeezed itself narrow enough to drift away along it and out of sight. The citizens of High Norland gave it a cheer as it went.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“As she turned left to the gateway, it occurred to her that swimming was only one of a very large number of things she had no idea what to do. Peter had been right to object to her ignorance. "It's not that I'm lazy," she explained to Waif as they arrived in what seemed to be stables, "or stupid. I've just not bothered to look round the edges of Mother's way of doing things, you see.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“I can't wear thethe! I want my thtwipey oneth!”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“She stood with her nose up, sniffing delightedly. It was the delicious mildewy fragrance of old books. Hundreds of them, she saw, looking round the room. Books were lined up on shelves on all four walls, stacked on the floor, and piled on the desk, old books in leather covers mostly, although some of the ones on the floor had newer looking colored jackets.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“The most she knew about gardens was the Bakers’ own backyard, which contained one large mulberry tree and a rosebush, plus the window boxes where her mother grew runner beans. She knew there was earth under the plants and that the earth contained worms. She shuddered.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

“But I want to read a book!" Charmain protested.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from House of Many Ways

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Diana Wynne Jones
Born place: in London, England, The United Kingdom
Born date August 16, 1934
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