Quotes from Heaven

Alexandra Adornetto ·  419 pages

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“That is when you need faith the most. Not when everything is going your way, not when you have much to be thankful for, but when there is darkness all around.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“...nothing is permanent. Everything and everyone you know can change at any moment. That's how I see things now - except for you. You're the one constant in my life.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Don't knock finding nemo," Xavier teased, taking the DVD from my grasp. "It's a modern classic."
"Is it seriously about fish?"
"Yeah, but really cool fish.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Still the hottest angel I know," he murmured.
"It's beyond me how you're still on staff.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Raphael continued to stare at me, in no hurry to get started. "You know the best way to get rid of a demon, right?" He asked with a serious face. I caught Ivy rolling her eyes as I shook my head.
"Exorcise alot!"
Ivy caught my expression of dismay. "It's okay, Beth. He's famous for his bad jokes. We're still waiting for him to grow up."
"And like Peter Pan, I hope to avoid that at all costs.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Well, now that you set him on fire, I'm sure we're well on the path to reconciliation.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Can you at least tell us what these Sevens look like?" He said "could we pick one out in a crowd?"
"A long time ago, they used to appear wearing robes and golden girtles," Ivy explained.
"They sound like losers," Xavier muttered.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“Because the path of the righteous man was never supposed to be easy,' I whispered. 'Those who are chosen by the Lord are given a hard journey. The rewards will come later.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“If you try to use Christ as a solution to your problems, it will not work. You have to serve Him in order for Him to serve you.”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

“You're prettier than I imagined you", Raphael said. "Uh... thank you," I said. "But I don't really..."
"Wait,wait, I've got one," he interrupted. "Somebody better call God. Because Heaven's missing an angel!”
― Alexandra Adornetto, quote from Heaven

About the author

Alexandra Adornetto
Born place: in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Born date April 18, 1992
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