16+ quotes from Deadly Games by Lindsay Buroker

Quotes from Deadly Games

Lindsay Buroker ·  328 pages

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“Sicarius had the personality of a particularly bland, pointy stick.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Why, Sicarius, is it possible you have a playful side beneath your razor-edged knives, severe black clothing and humourless glares?”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Sicarius, as usual, regarded her with the blandness of a particularly featureless rock, then walked away.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Then I guess Sicarius will have to follow you around all night, hovering over your shoulder while you eat. Breathing down your neck. Sharing your salad. Hogging your croutons.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Sicarius wore his usual guess-my-thoughts-if-you-can-mask, though she sensed he did not approve.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“You know...” Amaranthe dumped her dust pile outside and returned to face him. “It’s hard for me to maintain my vigor and enthusiasm for leading you when you do nothing but stand there and ooze disapproval at me.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“No, no.” Amaranthe lifted a hand. “You needn’t let me know you think my idea has promise. It’s been nearly three months since the last time I almost got myself killed, so I’m brimming with self-confidence. I don’t need bolstering.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Oh, no," Maldynado said. "When I get my statue, I don't want it to be an image of me going up a squid's butt.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“You didn't think you’d find a Science-savvy mercenary team in the empire without a few eccentricities, did you?” Amaranthe asked.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“No self-respecting snoop sneaks in before midnight anyway.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“One who has a personality that grates like glass paper should probably choose footwear sufficient for fleeing from irritated people.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Er, she hated it when she was trying to be morally superior and someone pointed out that her idea was only slightly less sketchy.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“No more procrastinating. As grandpa used to say, “Cleaning a fish don’t get any more pleasant for having put the task off.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“Mischievous branches tugged at her hat and rained leaves onto her shoulders. She dusted them off. As much as she liked the idea of nature, it was difficult to maintain a tidy appearance when surrounded by it.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“You’re stealthier than a cat’s shadow. You can’t possibly expect me to notice you when you’re lurking.” “Perhaps you have not been assiduous enough with your training.” “I can’t believe you’re blaming me for the fact that you’re a chronic eavesdropper.” “What did you expect from an assassin?” he”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

“You either gain immortality through having children or you earn it by becoming someone history remembers.”
― Lindsay Buroker, quote from Deadly Games

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Lindsay Buroker
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