6+ quotes from Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

Quotes from Frozen Fire

Tim Bowler ·  328 pages

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“There could never be innocence in a world without justice.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

“Doesn't seem right, does it? A split second to lose him and a lifetime to grieve over him.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

“I feel apart from everything and a part of everything.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

“Days, weeks, months, years," said the boy. "Minutes and hours and seconds. I don't know about any of those things.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

“She knew it was the right decision, even though she was still scared. Doing nothing would achieve nothing.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

“Because I'm dangerous. I don't mean to be but I am. I'm dangerous to be around, dangerous to everybody. I cause harm. I might even harm you. And I couldn't bear that.”
― Tim Bowler, quote from Frozen Fire

About the author

Tim Bowler
Born place: Devon, The United Kingdom
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