11+ quotes from The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent

Quotes from The Stars Never Rise

Rachel Vincent ·  368 pages

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“I feel like my life is a book, and someone turned the page before I was ready, and now I can’t follow the story.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“I opened my mouth to tell her that everything would be okay, but the words melted like sugar on my tongue-sweet yet insubstantial.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“Maddock stabbed his fried egg with his fork, and bright yellow yolk bled all over his plate like a sunshine hemorrhage.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“the truth is like a disease, let’s hope it spreads.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“history is written by the victor, and if the elderly don’t pass down their memories, eventually there won’t be anyone else left alive who knows how the war was really fought.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“Hey'? Seriously?" I spared a moment to be grateful that my voice worked when the rest of me seemed to be malfunctioning. "I pass out under your care, then wake up half paralyzed to hear that some kind of 'horde' is in our area, and that's your opener? 'Hey'?"
Finn shrugged while I glared up at him. "I almost went with 'Get up and help me pack before we're overrun by a horde of degenerates,' but I was afraid that might lead to more panic than the situation actually warrants."
"There's a limit to how much panic a situation like that warrants?”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“Thanks' is the typical response when someone goes out of his way to supply you with new underwear so you can comfortably go into hiding because you're wanted on two counts of murder."
I found it hard to believe that particular scenario was common enough to have a typical response, but...
"Thanks. And wow.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“It's not the amount of time that matters, Nina. It's what you do with it.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“A farmer slaughters his cattle because he must eat to survive, but he also protects the herd from thieves and predators. If you leave the pen, the wolves will find you, child.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“Thanks for that." I let go of the chain-link with one hand to gesture at the degenerate below. Then I climbed faster and threw one leg over the top.
"Wait!" he said as I lowered myself from link to link on the other side of the fence. "Who are you?"
"Who am I?" The rogue exorcist teenager wanted to know who I was? "Who are you?"
"I'm...just trying to help. Why was it following you?"
Following me? The goose bumps on my arms had nothing to do with my predawn cold.
"I guess my soul smelled yummy.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

“Devi laughed, the sound bounced off the walls around us. The degenerates heard her. and their pulses tripped faster, triggering an increase in my own heart rate. "The plan is to send the bastards back to hell, then dance on their corpses."
"She's kidding about the dance." Reese's gaze was focused on the end of the alley, his eyes narrowed in concentration as he listened.
Finn stepped up to my side. "No, she's not.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from The Stars Never Rise

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