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Luke Davies ·  304 pages

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“When you can stop you don't want to, and when you want to stop, you can't...”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“Once upon a time, there was Candy and Dan. Things were very hot that year. All the wax was melting in the trees. He would climb balconies, climb everywhere, do anything for her, oh Danny boy. Thousands of birds, the tiniest birds, adorned her hair. Everything was gold. One night the bed caught fire. He was handsome and a very good criminal. We lived on sunlight and chocolate bars. It was the afternoon of extravagant delight. Danny the daredevil. Candy went missing. The days last rays of sunshine cruise like sharks. I want to try it your way this time. You came into my life really fast and I liked it. We squelched in the mud of our joy. I was wet-thighed with surrender. Then there was a gap in things and the whole earth tilted. This is the business. This, is what we're after. With you inside me comes the hatch of death. And perhaps I'll simply never sleep again. The monster in the pool. We are a proper family now with cats and chickens and runner beans. Everywhere I looked. And sometimes I hate you. Friday -- I didn't mean that, mother of the blueness. Angel of the storm. Remember me in my opaqueness. You pointed at the sky, that one called Sirius or dog star, but on here on earth. Fly away sun. Ha ha fucking ha you are so funny Dan. A vase of flowers by the bed. My bare blue knees at dawn. These ruffled sheets and you are gone and I am going to. I broke your head on the back of the bed but the baby he died in the morning. I gave him a name. His name was Thomas. Poor little god. His heart pounds like a voodoo drum.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“When you think you are in love, you don't want to know about the things that could end it.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“Some people are attracted to sickness, to the kind of madness where sparks fly
off the head, to the incoherence of despair, masked by nervous energy, which winds up looking like bewildered joy.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“Comfort is beauty muted by heroin. Sadness is beauty drained by lack of it.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“And I come to realise that all my small todays, the way I act, will lead into my tomorrows.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“I am so far removed, from everything, that I can’t even cry. There’s a chasm between me, where I am, and the world I am in. The world I move my feet through. The atmosphere I breathe is like golden syrup, twenty-seven atmospheres thick. I’m wading through the world, consumed with … consumed. And I’m wading through the swamp that my body has become.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“I'm hurling all the little joys against the greater sadness. The sadness is a giant weight. It presses down. Its mean: "What's the point?”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“Drought brings out the worst in us and it's easy to hate your fellow human beings.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“I can no longer cry. I groan a few times. Through the slits that are my eyes, I stare at my shoes, at the gray swirls of the concrete floor, at the bright orange lid of my syringe. And I realize—it’s a kind of horror—that this is my life.
And I can’t stop. I just can’t stop. I can’t stop anymore.”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

“Problems With Detachable Heads: Part 1”
― Luke Davies, quote from Candy

About the author

Luke Davies
Born place: in Sydney, Australia
Born date January 1, 1962
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