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10+ quotes from Fear Us by B.B. Reid

Quotes from Fear Us

B.B. Reid ·  252 pages

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“There were two types of people when it came to pain. Those who received it and those who gifted it. Let’s just say, I’ve become one generous motherfucker.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“Have you had another motherfucker around my kid?” The audible hitch in her breath and the guilt that flashed in her eyes did nothing to stop my growing rage. “What do you mean?” she stammered. “You bitch.” I released her neck and took a step back. “Who is he?” “Who is who?” she screamed. “There’s no one!” “That’s not what your eyes just said.” “So now you’re a fucking mind reader?” “No. I’m your fucking mind reader. Shelly, don’t play with me,” I warned. “You have no right to question my love life.” Love? Was she in love? Fuck that. I’d stop her heart with my bare hands before I allowed her give it to anyone”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“Fuck that. I’d stop her heart with my bare hands before I allowed her give it to anyone else.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“Can you imagine how much it fucking hurt to feel as if each breath you took might be your last but always using the little you had to beg the one person who claimed to love you unconditionally just to be there? It fucked me up. But most of all, it changed me. And I hated her for it.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“I’m asking for you to save my life because with every breath in my body, I love you. I’ll love you until my last. Without you, I am no longer someone with a reason to live.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“In the end, what hurt the most was he got to be the one to leave and I was left holding the shattered pieces.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“A broken love can still last forever so long as you carry the pieces close to your heart.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“So are you saying it wasn’t my cock that filled your pussy with come? It wasn’t my
seed that grew inside you? It wasn’t me you saw each time you looked in her eyes?”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“So do you actually expect to just pick up where we left off?” “Second chances can be deadly, but I set you free once. Now you’re mine.”      “I”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

“You’re feeling incredibly sure of your power today.” “Last night, I had my cock buried deep in your ass while you screamed for more… why wouldn’t I be?”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Us

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