Quotes from Blessings

Anna Quindlen ·  304 pages

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“Four A.M. and the darkness had a quality of inexorability and menace as though it would never lift, as though, without anyone noticing it, the dawn of the day before had been the beginning of the last light ever in the history of the world.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“Mrs. Blessing was surprised at how fluently she lied, much better than she’d done it years before, when it had been so much more important, at least to her. She realized that lying was easier than telling the truth because it had such nice smooth edges, not jagged with impossibility and inconvenience the way the truth so often was.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“She had filled her days mourning that shadow life, and it had no more meaning than the chattering of monkeys. Instead, these last few weeks, she had seen what might have been had she not felt perpetually done out of something better.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“Anyone familiar with the love affairs between men and women could have told them that theirs would soon be over.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“It was a kind of circular thing: to be the kind of person who would have taken Faith in, he had to be the kind of person who would take her back.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“He’d had a dog once, in that way he’d had everything in his childhood, ordinary but a lot less lasting.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“It was a puzzle to her, how eagerly she’d rushed into life when she was eighteen or twenty, and in what a desultory fashion it had dragged out ever since.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“The curse of having young people about the house was that they were always so redolent of possibility.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“He was quiet and thoughtful, letting her do all the talking until she would reach one of her acerbic pitches and he would murmur, "You don't really mean that." But he had never seemed put off.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“He realized that there was a point to that ungainly empty area between the human shoulder and chin: it was the perfect place to rest an infant.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“He couldn't remember at first where he was, just knew by the fragile fog of the summer light that it was early, that his alarm clock would sleep longer than he had.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

“The girl was huddled against the door on her side now, all folded in upon herself like an old woman, or like a child who'd fallen asleep on a long journey; she heard the sounds of him as if they were musical notes, each distinct and clear, and her shoulders moved slightly beneath her shirt, and her hands were jammed between her knees.”
― Anna Quindlen, quote from Blessings

About the author

Anna Quindlen
Born place: in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The United States
Born date July 8, 1952
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