30+ quotes from Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Quotes from Falling Under

Gwen Hayes ·  324 pages

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“This isn't a crush, it's obsession.You are never not in my thoughts. Your scent carries across a room and paralyzes me with longing. I don't want to hold your hand. Part of me wants to set you on fire and hold you while the flame consumes us both, to eat your heart so I know that only I possess it entirely.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Do you think it’s easy for me? No, I don’t remember you. I don’t remember holding you or talking to you or falling in love with you—but I walk around with a giant hole in my heart all the time. I feel your absence every second of the day. It aches and nothing soothes it. Losing you is bad enough, but I don’t even get the comfort of remembering that I had you once.
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“I'm probably half in love with a boy I don't really like.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“If you are about to tell me you are a vampire that glitters in the sunshine, I will--”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“So he was a sweet-talking, cross-dressing, fortune-telling...surfer?”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Up is down. Down is up.”
“And that means … ?”
“I’m probably half in love with a boy I don’t really like.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“He walked backwards a few more steps and brought Brittany’s hand to his lips without taking his eyes off me.
My hand tingled where he kissed her.
And the bastard knew it.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Who was your first kiss?” Heat rushed into my face. I flattered myself by thinking maybe he wanted to kiss me. I wished he wanted to kiss me. “I haven’t …” Squeezing my eyes closed, I began again. “I haven’t been kissed. Yet.” “Why?” I rolled my eyes at his innocence.
“You obviously know I’m not like other girls. I’m shy and I don’t spend time with boys. My father is strict and—” “That’s not why.” He thought he knew me so well.
“Fine. You tell me why I haven’t been kissed.”
I regretted the words and my tone instantly. What if he told me what I already knew? That I was lacking. Not interesting or pretty enough. “You were waiting.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“My very own goth Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen would be so proud.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Donny recovered herself. “Dude, that was the seventh sign of the apocalypse. I’m so not going to class on the last day of the world.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“He raised his bony fingers as if to touch me and I steeled myself not to flinch as his hand, still smoldering, neared my face.

He rattled and spoke his last words. "Worth...the...fall.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Every girl dreams about having her very own demon, but stalker is another story.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Everything started the night I saw the burning man fall from the sky.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Sneetches" was what we called the in-crowd at school, the haves as opposed to the have-nots. We named them from a Dr. Suess story in which the Star-Belly Sneetches, who were born with a green star on their bellies, thought they were better than all those who had no green star- or in this case green money.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“A dream caused by too much reading and not enough sleeping.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Taking Mike home is a great idea," Donny said. "See you tomorrow. Thanks for your help."
Gabe kissed her hand. "I'll be back in an hour, honey."
She snatched her hand away. "No need, sweetheart. We're all fine here. See you tomorrow at school. We'll lock up when we leave."
"Sixty minutes, sugarplum." He leaned in for a kiss.
"Get you pleather-wearing, long-haired paws off me--"
Gabe kissed her soundly, cutting off her protest.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“His dark hair was thick and looked so soft I had to resist the urge to touch it. Looking into his dark eyes was like falling into the stars, making me feel weightless and disoriented.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Theia: "We're very high up here, aren't we?"
Haden: "Well, you certainly are. Theia, I need you to wake up."
Theia: "Did you know that I have never seen a penis?"
He laughed again. "When you wake up, you are going to hate yourself.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“He smiled and it was beautiful and horrible what I saw in it. Hope that should not be born and desire that could never bear fruit. Whether they were my feelings or his, I did not know.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Sometimes the answers are more questions. Sometimes up is down.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“What an actor my demon was.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“It was him.

He'd traded his coat and tails for jeans and a tight Abercrombie and Fitch tee, but it was him. I would have known him anywhere.

I blinked slowly, believing he was a mirage. A very handsome mirage. But I didn't have the power to dream cute boys into life. When he didn't disappear, part of my heart sang and part of it worried that I'd never be the same again...

Oh, I never would be the same again.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“I don't even want to think about all those dishes," Donny said. "Hey, now that I believe in demons and magic spells, who's going to tell me about little dish elves that come and clean your kitchen while you nap?"
"There is a class of fairy called Nibs that will do it. But they come with their own set of issues. It's never worth the hassle of summoning them," Varnie answered.
"I was totally kidding, but..." Donny eyed him suspiciously. "Wait, are you punking me? There really is no such thing as Nibs, is there?"
Varnie smiled noncommitally.
"Ame, is there sucha thing as Nibs?"
Amelia bit her lip to keep from laughing. "I've never heard of them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist."
"Amnesia boy?"
I held up my hand. "Yeah, sorry. Amnesia."
"You guys suck." She pouted.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“I don't know how I'd made it seventeen years without kissing. It was the finest thing I'd ever known. Like stumbling into heaven.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“It’s true that I never want to hurt you. But I can’t promise you that I never would" -Haden”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“...Ame when this is all over we need to have a serious discussion about Mike. I think he has way too much frosting on his flakes.- Donnatella”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“His presence in my waking world stirred all my senses. Still in slow motion, I kept walking, warmed wherever his eyes touched me. When I finally dropped eye contact, the world caught up with me--or the other way around.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“You're the most open girl in our whole school."
"I don't think she meant that in a good way.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“For a sweeter kiss had never been bestowed upon a girl. Not in storybooks or real life.
Not in heaven or hell.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

“Empty of anything that defined it as real. That was how I felt sometimes. I existed in a world made for show, not depth, not feeling.”
― Gwen Hayes, quote from Falling Under

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