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9+ quotes from Don't... by Jack L. Pyke

Quotes from Don't...

Jack L. Pyke ·  354 pages

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“Today had been a shit day, and it seemed I wasn’t about to climb down off the crap cart any time soon.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“You need a load of those yellow sticky papers to tattoo no trespassing over his ass, because, seriously, I'm all out.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“There was this element to Gray, the part that always forced you to avoid his eyes at all costs. He could steal your soul with a look, necromance it, strip it bare, all to run it through his fingers, untangle the strands, then hand it back with a smile knowing every fault and flaw about you. “I’m”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“He sounded so lute-like in the heat of sex, soft, gentle, something that could force you to follow him blindly into the woods and not give a fuck that he led you to be eaten by the big bad wolf. But he wasn’t a big bad wolf. Not yet.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“Well,” I said, “glad I could be of service, sir.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“Two-way contract, Jack. That protection is there for you too.” A pause. “It always has been. I’m not about to let either of you get hurt, well, unless it turns you both on.” Was it any wonder I liked this guy? “I”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“Had to be me. Christ knows I attracted the crackpots.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“I’d say perfectly balanced, but just fucking fuckable was all that came to mind around Gray. “Cosy.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

“But I didn’t relax. “Twenty-four hours, no longer,” said the voice. “And, Jack?” “What?” I spat. “Night, gorgeous.” I”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Don't...

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Jack L. Pyke
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