Quotes from Worth the Weight

Mara Jacobs ·  360 pages

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“Like they said, when you have a boy you worry about one boy, when you have a girl…you worry about all the boys.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“The rest of them would just dry off as much as possible then throw shorts and tees on over their suits. They were from the Copper Country—with water everywhere you turned—so they were used to sitting on towels in their car seats in the summer.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“It wasn’t hard to track Stevie down in the crowd. Lizzie found the girl in the purple tank fairly easily then scanned a twenty-yard radius looking for the boy. Sure enough, there he was, skulking behind a shortcake booth, eyes huge as he watched the purple tank girl enjoying a strawberry ice cream cone. Not wanting to embarrass the kid, she told Finn she’d round Stevie up then meet him and Annie back at the minivan. She surreptitiously circled the booth until she came up behind Stevie. In her best secret-agent voice, while pretending she didn’t see him, she whispered, “Psst, the eagle takes flight in five minutes. I repeat, the eagle takes flight in five minutes.” She saw Stevie’s body grow rigid, then relax. “Roger that,” he said under his breath.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“Think of it as a journey that you are driving. Suddenly you realize you are going in the wrong direction, have been for some time. Do you pull over and spend hours trying to figure out why you went the wrong way? No, you turn the car around and start to drive in the right direction. Along the way, you start to think about the reason you got off course, but you do that as you’re headed toward your destination.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“grandmother was in her kitchen, fixing”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“come back since even though Eino, understanding his loss, told”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“God, Liz. I…I can’t believe it’s you,” the shock was evident in his voice. “You’re so…so…old.” His hand left hers as he covered his eyes, shaking his head. “I mean. I didn’t mean.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“Too much to hope for that you guys didn’t hear that, eh?”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“Oooh yah, it’s good to be back in da Yoop, eh?” Katie crowed out in an exaggerated Yooper accent as they crossed the bridge to Hancock.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“What daddies did for their little girls, never mind if their babies were ten or thirty-five.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“They honestly wouldn’t do the operation if you couldn’t find a way to pay for it?” “That’s right. They run a business, Liz, they can’t just be giving it away.” “That’s what you get for going to the University of Michigan Hospital.” “I know the Spartan in you can’t stand it, but you have to admit U of M has one of the best hospitals around.” “Okay, I admit it, grudgingly, but only because State doesn’t have a hospital of their own. If they did, I’m sure it’d be better.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“collected the runners up from the bed.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“You can take the girl out of da Yoop, but you can’t take da Yoop out of the girl.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood. Make big plans, aim high in hope and work. ~ Daniel H. Burnham”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“The women were on the lawn at Alison’s camp. In the U.P., all cottages, cabins, summer homes of any kind were called camps.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“What? What’s the third date?” Katie asked, not having been on a third date in seventeen years. “That’s usually the date that ‘it’ happens,” Lizzie explained. “That’s when you fuck,” Alison said at the same time. Katie frowned at Alison and motioned for Lizzie to continue.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

“The route home they’d chosen was her idea. She said she, Alison, and Katie had done it years ago when they’d spent a weekend at Mackinac Island. Within the course of one afternoon, they’d swum in Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior, hitting three of the five Great Lakes.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Weight

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