11+ quotes from Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis

Quotes from Dragon Wing

Margaret Weis ·  430 pages

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“Truth wasn't something you went out and found. It was wide and vast and deep and unending, and all you could hope to see was a tiny part of it. And to see that part and to mistake it for the whole was to make of Truth a lie.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“A 'why' is a dangerous thing... It challenges old, comfortable ways, forces people to think about that they do instead of just mindlessly doing it. (Haplo)


I think the danger is not so much in asking the 'why' as in believing you have come up with the only answer. (Alfred)”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“No, as I've discovered, hate generally costs a man more than he can afford.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“Not given to boasting, which was a waste of breath-only a man who cannot conquer his deficiencies feels the need to convince the world he has none.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“Now there was nothing but awful, terrible silence. Sight is a sense outside and apart from the body, an image on the surface of the eye. But sound enters the ears, the head, it lives inside. In sound's absence, silence echoes.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“Lizards that blend into the rock do so to catch flies.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“No, as I've discovered, hate generally costs a man more than he can afford.

And what about love? Alfred asked softly.

Hugh didn't even bother to reply.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“Limbeck, the august leader of WUPP, did not mind the noise. He took comfort in it, having
listened to it, albeit somewhat muffled, in his mother's womb. The Gegs revered the noise, just as
they revered the Kicksey-Winsey. They knew that if the noise ceased their world would come to
an end. Death was known among the Gegs as the Endless Hear Nothing.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“How would hating benefit me? The elves did what they had to do, and so did I. I learned how to sail their ships. I learned to speak their language fluently. No, as I’ve discovered, hate generally costs a man more than he can afford.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“No, as I’ve discovered, hate generally costs a man more than he can afford.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

“Un “perché” è sempre pericoloso – disse Haplo – mette in forse vecchi, confortevoli sistemi di vita, costringe la gente a pensare a quello che fa, anziché farlo semplicemente senza pensare. Non c'è da stupirsi se le persone ne hanno paura
- Io credo che il pericolo non risieda tanto nel chiedere “perchè” quanto nel credere di essere giunti alla risposta definitiva – osservò Alfred come parlando a se stesso.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragon Wing

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