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Connie Willis ·  578 pages

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“I wanted to come, and if I hadn’t, they would have been all alone, and nobody would have ever known how frightened and brave and irreplaceable they were.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“It is the end of the world. Surely you could be allowed a few carnal thoughts.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“Kivrin reached out for Dunworthy's hand and clasped it tightly in her own. "I knew you'd come," she said, and the net opened.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“None of the things one frets about ever happen. Something one's never thought of does.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“It’s strange. When I couldn’t find the drop and the plague came, you seemed so far away I would not ever be able to find you again. But I know now that you were here all along, and that nothing, not the Black Death nor seven hundred years, nor death nor things to come nor any other creature could ever separate me from your caring and concern. It was with me every minute.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“Belki bizim zamanımızın sorunu da budur Bay Dunworthy. Kurucuları Maisry, piskoposun elçisi ve Sir Bloet ne de olsa. Roche gibi kalıp yardım etmeye çalışan bütün insanlar vebaya yakalanıp öldüler.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“io sui ici en liu dami amo’ (‘I am here in place of a friend love’)”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“She was afraid she’d have no hope at all of recognizing the drop without the wagon and boxes there. She would have to get Gawyn to show it to her,”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“None of the things one frets about ever happen. Something one’s never thought of does.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

“Kneeling on St. Mary’s stone floor she had envisioned the candles and the cold, but not Lady Imeyne, waiting for Roche to make a mistake in the mass, not Eliwys or Gawyn or Rosemund. Not Father Roche, with his cutthroat’s face and worn-out hose.

She could never in a hundred years, in seven hundred and thirty-four years, have imagined Agnes, with her puppy and her naughty tantrums, and her infected knee. I’m glad I came, she thought. In spite of everything.”
― Connie Willis, quote from Doomsday Book

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Connie Willis
Born place: in The United States
Born date December 31, 1945
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