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23+ quotes from Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Quotes from Wildfire

Ilona Andrews ·  391 pages

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“I can't believe I have to say this. You there, dashing male secretary! Drop the frying pan.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“I had been hugged by a giant, superintelligent, pacifist bear. I could do this. I could do anything.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“[I]f you continue to rely on others for that security, you will never find it. You're a Prime, a woman, and a mother. Make yourself secure. Take charge of yourself. My circlework my be shaky and crooked, by it's mine. I taught myself how to do it by studying books and now I'm using it. I didn't ask Rogan to draw it for me, because I didn't have to.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“You're everything to me," he said into my ear.

I wanted to tell him that he was everything to me, that I wouldn't let the darkness have him, that he never had to worry that I would give up and walk away. But the echoes of our shared pleasure stole the words, and so I said it the best I could.

"I love you.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Do they have target priority protocols?” I asked. “Would they be able to differentiate between a high- and low-priority target?”

Rogan’s face shut down. “No.”

“No, they don’t?” I clarified.

“No, I won’t let you do this.”

We stared at each other. The tension in the room was so thick, you could slice it with a knife and serve it with tea.

Leon whistled a melody from a gunfighter Western.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Call her out,” Arabella said.
“Tell her Rogan is yours!” Grandma Frida pumped her fist.
“Don’t let her take your man!” Leon declared.
We all looked at him.
“I was feeling left out,” he said.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“I'm starving. I haven't had anything to eat since I stole a bear claw from your kitchen this morning."

"You didn't steal it. All my bear claws are yours.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Arabella ran out of blackboard space, crouched, and began dividing on the floor. “This is what we get for teaching them Common Core,” one of the arbiters said. “There is nothing wrong with Common Core,” someone else said. Arabella”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Yes, sir. I was going to kiss you good night, but now I can’t. It’s against the rules to fraternize with my superior officer.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“How much did you hear?"
"Everything that mattered."
He nodded, his face unreadable. "It is what it is. All cards are on the table."
"Not quite." I sat up.
"The real Rogan hasn't asked me."
He frowned.
"I want the dragon to ask me."
"Be careful," he warned.
"I know what the Head of House Rogan wants. I heard all of his noble warnings about the future of House Baylor. I saw him told himself in check. I want to know what you want, Connor. What do you want of me? Ask me.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“One day some other Prime will threaten our House, and when that day comes, I’ll kill him.”


"I’ll do it quiet and clean, and nobody will ever know.” Leon smiled. “I’m going to be a dark horse, House Baylor’s secret. I’ll be the best assassin. A legend. They’ll never see me coming.”

I would kill Kurt. I would strangle him with my bare hands.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“When we were at the lodge, and you were dancing in the snow, I kept wondering why the snow wasn’t melting. You’re like spring. My spring.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“So, are we still on tonight? For our dinner?” I asked.
“Hell, yes. We’re on for tonight. We’re on for tomorrow. We’re on for the foreseeable future.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Cornelius opened the car door and cautiously peered out.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Checking to see if it’s safe to come out.”
Everyone was a comedian. I sighed and went into my office.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“When life hits you in the gut, it’s always a sucker punch. You never see it coming. One moment you’re walking along, worrying your little worries and making quiet plans, and the next you’re rolled into a ball, trying to hug yourself against the pain, frantic and reeling, your mind a jumble of scared thoughts.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“There is nothing you can offer me,” she said. “Oh, I don’t know. You might change your mind. You’re like me, Victoria.” He grinned. “You like to do things that make life interesting. We both do so hate to be bored.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Thank you,” I said to Linus. “Of course. This is what I’m here for. It’s my function as your witness.” He grinned again. “Besides, things around you have a way of turning interesting. I do hate to be bored.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“So, are we still on tonight? For our dinner?” I asked.
“Hell, yes. We’re on for tonight. We’re on for tomorrow. We’re on for the foreseeable future.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“This is what it would be like, I realized. We could come home to each other every night.

It didn't have to be all blood and gore and fancy dinners. It could also be this, and this felt so good.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“I would kill Kurt. I would strangle him with my bare hands.

I stomped up the stairs to the second floor of Rogan’s HQ, where Heart and Bug waited for me. Napoleon saw my face and ran behind Bug’s chair to hide.

“Where is Kurt?” I growled.

Bug blinked. “I’m not sure I should tell you this information.”


“Kurt is a valuable member of the team, and you have murder on your face.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Come to dinner with me tonight and I’ll consider it.”

Yes! “No. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“Prime or no Prime, five-year-old girls were scary. I babysat my sisters when they were that age. It still gave me nightmares.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

“I don’t believe she sees him as family,” Cornelius said.
“She can see him however she wants. I only care how Rogan sees me.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from Wildfire

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