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5+ quotes from Missions spéciales by Boris Akunin

Quotes from Missions spéciales

Boris Akunin ·  472 pages

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“Of the seven butchers who interest us, four are Tatars and three are Yids. They're at the top of the list of suspects. But, to avoid any reproaches of prejudice, I'm arresting the lot. And I'll give them a thorough working over. I”
― Boris Akunin, quote from Missions spéciales

“God has no need of cold people.”
― Boris Akunin, quote from Missions spéciales

“Paris. Reuters News Agency informs us that the gigantic and entirely useless structure of iron rods with which the French intend to astound visitors to the Fifteenth World Fair has finally been completed. This dangerous project is causing justified anxiety among the inhabitants of Paris. How can this interminable factory chimney be allowed to tower over Paris, dwarfing all the marvelous monuments of the capital with its ridiculous height? Experienced engineers express concern about whether such a tall and relatively slim structure, erected on a foundation only a third of its own height, is capable of withstanding the pressure of the wind.”
― Boris Akunin, quote from Missions spéciales

“She can't go into public care,” he explained. “She'd pine away. The poor simpleton is far too used to me.” That was when Fandorin really astounded him. “I envy you,” he said, sighing. “You're a fortunate man, Tulipov. At such a young age you already have reason to respect yourself—something you can be proud of. The Lord has given you a firm center for the whole of your life.”
― Boris Akunin, quote from Missions spéciales

“As they say, out with one eye for remembering the past, but if you forget, out with both. And”
― Boris Akunin, quote from Missions spéciales

About the author

Boris Akunin
Born place: in Zestaponi, Georgian SSR, USSR, Georgia
Born date May 20, 1956
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