7+ quotes from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6 by Lucian Bane

Quotes from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

Lucian Bane ·  380 pages

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“Look at that punk Jennifer is with. Notice a resemblance dad? He's a fucking prick like you. Bossing her around, treating her like a possession rather than a fucking treasure!" I yelled. "Because you showed her what kind of man to look for, didn't you dad!”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“He is beautiful. He is goddamn perfect." She stepped closer to him and I tensed. "And you will not hurt him anymore. Not one of you. Because I am his protector. His rear guard. I am his.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“I, Lucian Bane… do solemnly promise Tara Reese…. To always be her rear guard…to protect her…. make her laugh out loud…. Beat a motherfucker into the ground for looking at her." I wiped the tears from her cheeks.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“Not my business, I guess. I teach you what I know, He shows you what to do with it. Bane, you don’t need me to mediate nothing with Him. He’ll establish direct connections with you the same way He has with me.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“Yeah, you feeling that Bane? He’s here. Ready when you are.” I swallowed, my palms suddenly sweating. Ready for what? What did He want with me, want to do with me? Why me, what had I done? Was this penance for my sins? How was I supposed to do anybody any good if I had no idea what goodness actually was, how was I not as lost as the next person? Be still.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“One hand smothered her laughter in unconscious effort to keep from advertising our presence more than necessary. “It is too. Who’d have imagine big, bad Lucian Bane is afraid of spiders.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

“One thing I’d come to learn as a Dom was sometimes submitting was the greater and smarter thing to do. “Clear here.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6

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