Quotes from Did I Mention I Love You?

Estelle Maskame ·  422 pages

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“I really wish you hadn't said sorry for it. Because apologizing means regretting.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

“Forgiveness shouldn't be expected : It should be earned.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

“I already miss him and he hasn't even left yet.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

“We have sneered at one another's weaknesses. Mine is insecurity. Tyler's is the truth.
And beneath it all lies attraction.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

“That's something I've always fond odd, people smile when they're sad. There's no such thing as a sad smile.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

“Dark haired guys are so, so much better.”
― Estelle Maskame, quote from Did I Mention I Love You?

About the author

Estelle Maskame
Born place: in Aberdeen, The United Kingdom
Born date June 18, 2018
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